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CIBB 2020


Main objective  
The international congress of biosafety and biosecurity CI BB 2020 aims to be an exchange framework of biomedical scientists, biosafety officers, security expert, policy makers and relevant stakeholders to discuss about exchange on the all-inclusive dimensions of Biosafety and Biosecurity in the current context of the national and international security threats.

Specific objectives 
1)   Analyze the origins and structural causes of biological insecurity and vulnerability of populations in their ecological environment ;
2)   Analyze the responses to previous biological threats ;
3)  Capitalize on experiences and learn from crisis prevention and management mechanisms, information systems and monitoring of biological safety ;
4)   Provide ongoing training for professionals involved in biological risk management ; 
5)   Make proposals on the recommendations to be submitted to decision-makers as part of a political commitment to reduce security risks related to the usage of biological materials.

Expected Outcomes of the congress 
The main expected results are:
1) Participants are educated and informed about the biological risks, equipped to face the various daily challenges related to biosafety and biosecurity.        
2) Exchanges between the different actors working with or using biological materials of the field are established.      
3) The bases of the West African Network for Biosafety and Biosecurity (WANBB) is established.      
4) The final acts of the congress with the communications, the synthesis of the round table and the conclusions are published in a special review.      

Target group and actors 

Target group and actors 
The congress will bring together about 450 participants including policy makers, biomedical scientist, technical and financial partners, security officials and civil protection experts, researchers, teachers, students, technical managers, regional and local actors of rural development, industrial transformation, the consumer associations, representatives of NGOs and civil society organizations, involved in the fight against biological insecurity.

Congres Agenda 

  • March 2020
  • Sequence 1


    Training Sessions and Certification (March 16-18, 2020)

  • Sequence 2


    Congress (March 19-21, 2020)

  • Gala dinner


    Gala dinner to the honnor of participants

  • Touristic visit


    Touristic visit in Bamako

  • March 2020


The congress will be held (French and English) in plenary sessions, poster sessions and Pre-Congress training workshops and the International Federation of Biological Safety Associations (IFBA) certification, according to the following two detailed major sequences in the congress agenda:  

Sequence 1: Training Sessions and Certification (March 16-18, 2020)

The first sequence aims at strengthening capacity and improving knowledge through training sessions in biosafety and biosecurity sanctioned by a certification exam. The themes of the training will include but not limited to:
·   Concepts of Biosecurity and Biosecurity in the laboratory ; 
·   Biomedical Waste Management ; 
·   Transport of Infectious Substances ; 
·   Safety of Biohazard Sites and Facilities ; 
·   Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Challenges of the One Health Concept ;    
·   Decontamination in the Era of the Ebola Virus Outbreak ; 
·   Management of Incidents and Accidents in Handling Biological Materials; 

·   Preparation modules for the International Federation of Biological Safety Associations (IFBA) Certification in Biorisk Management,

Sequence 2: Congress (March 19-21, 2020)

The opening ceremony will be chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic who will deliver the opening speech of the Congress. A number of high-level speeches will precede the opening speech.
Following the suspension of the formal opening ceremony, the Presidium of the Congress will be installed and the CIBB2020 objectives and agenda will be presented by the organizing committee (COC). The following themes will addressed.  
·   Theme 1 : Biosafety and Biosecurity  Practices and experiences;   
·   Theme 2 : Zoonoses and emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases ;   
·   Theme 3 : Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and the Challenge of the One Health Concept ;     
·   Theme 4 : Rounds Tables 

  • Establishment of The West African Network of Biosafety and Biosecurity ;        
  • The conference papers will be published in a scientific journal.

A Gala Dinner will be organized on the second day of the Congress (March 20, 2020).
During the closing ceremony, a synthesis of the conclusions and recommendations of the conference will be presented with the speeches. At the closing session, a press conference will be given by the MABB and other Partners.

Tarifs hors taxe 

Participants Before November 2019After January 2020In March 2020
 $  25,70
 $  29,55
 $  30,84
 $  102,80
 $  118,22
 $  123,36
 $  128,50
 $  147,77
 $  154,19
MABB Membres 25000
 $  42,83
 $  49,26
 $  51,40
Gala dinner

$  25,70
$  25,70
 $  30,84
Conference fees include :
·   Admission to all plenary sessions, oral and posters sessions,
·   Participants’ kits and Abstracts book,
·   Welcome cocktail
·   Coffee and lunch breaks,
·   Concert and Gala Dinner in the city of Bamako (Second day - CIBB 2020).

Registration fees does not cover hotel rooms or satellite Pre-Congress training workshops. Moreover, the Gala Dinner is not included in the registration fees; however, it can be booked as an optional extra.

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