Implementation of the concept of AWaRe classification of antibiotics in the National List of Essential Drugs

Aujourd'hui le 17 juin 2020, AMBIOS a participe a l'atelier sur l'Implementation du concept de la classifi


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International Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference in Bamako, Mali 16-22 / 03/2020 


Theme: "Biosecurity and Biosafety in the Context of Current Threats to National and International Security".

Nos Partenaires pour le CIBB



Créée depuis 1997, EDIMAMEL est la première structure sous-régionale Ouest-africaine de Distribution de matériels et consommables biomédicaux, chirurgicaux, de laboratoire et d’imagerie médicale.

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EDIMAMEL MALI Missabougou, non loin de l'hôpital du Mali.
BP : E2350 TEL : 76122224 -Bamako

ALPA – Air and Lab products

ALPA Supporting Professional Development & Training in Africa
This company was developed to provide equipment solutions for Africa, we represent major companies such as
• Baker
• Light house
• Curis VHP decon systems
• Camfil – High containment systems
• Degrees C
• Clean air by Baker
• Camfil – Filtration systems
• Phoenix controls
• Topair fume hoods
• Baker Russkin
• Bethel Industries
• Isolation systems for rapid deployment in outbreak scenarios for patient isolation or transportation.
They are able to supply replacement filters and parts for nearly every Biological safety cabinet in the market.
They also Offer a variety of lab equipment specific to the environment.

Inqaba Biotec

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About us

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Our vision is our long-term strategic outcome. We believe in a sure future for the people of Mali and the people of the sub-region, in terms of biosafety and biosecurity. We work through all our actions and activities of information, awareness and training to achieve this vision. We believe that our vision is one that the people of Mali and the region can support.


Ambios au Maroc formation

Our association AMBIOS thanks to its multiple expertise in human resources qualified and certified in biological risk management and thanks to the support of our American partners Sandia National Laboratories, and International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) we offer services of training and support in the implementation of biosafety and biosecurity policy. 



Président & Cordinateur GNT

MABB is an organization · National, apolitical, learned, non-denominational, non-profit, · governed by the law n ° 04-038 of August 5th, 2004 relative to the associations in the Republic of Mali. · Is created on April 22, 2011, constitutive general assembly · Under the receipt n ° 773 of September 13, 2011 / Governorate of the District of Bamako · Registered in the official newspaper of Mali of November 04, 2011, Page 1759. Headquarters: National Center of Support to the fight against the disease (CNAM)


Our team

Bureau executif

He heads a Board of 16 active members and 05 honorary presidents.
The attributions of the Executive Board are given by Article 16 of the AMBIOS Statutes, they are :
To ensure the smooth running of the association, in accordance with its objectives, the texts in force and the decisions of the General Assembly. 
To prepare and review the association's activity and financial reports;
Develop partnerships;
Manage the association's resources;
Coordinate the activities of the focal points and other members of the association.
Implement all projects/programmes of the association.
The tasks of the members of the executive committee are determined by the internal regulations.

Prof. Djibril SANGARE

Chairman of AMBIOS

Dr Mamoudou KODIO

General Secretary

Kadiatou DAO

Deputy Secretary-General

Zoumana Isaac TRAORE

Administrative Secretary

Abdelaye KEITA

Administrative Secretary Assistant

Dr KONE Amadou

Secretary for External Relations and Communication

Dr KEITA Falaye

Deputy Secretary for External Relations and Communication

Dr BA Mamadou

Secretary for Scientific Activities and Training

M. MAIGA Boubacar Madjo

Assistant Secretary for Scientific Activities and Training

Dr DRAME  Boubacar S. Ibrahim

Secretary in charge of finance

M. Sylla Lakamy

Secretary in charge of finance


Secretary in charge of organisation

Dr TRAORE Bourama

Deputy Organization Secretary

Pr BABY Mounirou

Account Commissioner

Mm Diarra Assetou

Deputy Account Commissioner


TITLE III of the AMBIOS Statute regulates the status of being a member in:
Article 7: Any person enjoying these civic rights, associations, organizations, institutions, civil society and the media interested in the activities of the association and in agreement with the mission and its objectives may be members of the association of the AMBIOS.
Members must:
· Agree to support and contribute to the success of the association's activities;
· Pay statutory contributions, the rate of which is specified in the Internal Regulations.
Article 8: The title of member is lost by:
1. resignation and exclusion;
2. non-payment of statutory contributions for more than two years;
3. the dissolution of the member organization,
4. the death

How to become a member
The right to membership is acquired after accession by paying these contribution fees. Membership is accepted after sponsorship of a member of the association and approval of the President of AMBIOS. Upon acceptance of the application the new member will receive a message of acceptance of his membership. He must register with the Secretary of Finance by paying his dues and obtaining his registration number and membership card.
Online registration to become a member of the AMBIOS, fill out the subscription form we will contact you by email to respond to your request.

What are the benefits of being a member
The general assembly brings together all the members of the association. She is the supreme authority of MABB.
The association aims to strengthen collaboration between members and the various actors in the prevention, control and risk management of biological and chemical products and biomedical waste management.
Promote the scientific training of its members, professionals and managers in biosecurity and biosecurity,
Establish a system of awards, recognition or distinction, to all its members and any person, institution or organization in recognition of the work done in the field and / or in relation to biosafety and biosecurity in Mali.


Liste des membres
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Formulaire adhésion

To formulate your membership request, fill in the form below and send it to the ambios contact department, we will contact you for further information.
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Membres d'honneures

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP (CHAPTER IV; Article 18 of the Statutes): Honorary membership shall be granted to any person who has successfully contributed to the process of development and establishment of the association or to any other person who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of biosafety and biosecurity as a result of his or her work.
Article 19: Honorary members have a right of veto during the General Assembly and may :
- Act as special advisors to the association.
- Helping the association in its search for partnerships
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MABB provides training in a MERDU / DELGEME staff training workshop and representatives of WANECAM II on the basic principles of global biological risk management;
The training takes place in the DELGEME meeting room at Pt G, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bamako from 08 to 09 July 2019

Congress / sympotium

The CIBB International Congress aims to be a forum for exchange on all aspects of biosafety and biosafety in the current context of national and international security threats in Mali. It is a moment of sharing and capitalizing on experiences and lessons learned, and, above all, reflecting on new directions for multisectoral biodiversity policy and governance in Mali.


The CIBB International Congress aims to be a forum for exchange on all aspects of biosafety and biosafety in the current context of national and international security threats in Mali. It is a moment of sharing and capitalizing on experiences and lessons learned, and, above all, reflecting on new directions for multisectoral biodiversity policy and governance in Mali.