About us

Our vision & Our mission

Our vision is our long-term strategic outcome. We believe in a sure future for the people of Mali and the people of the sub-region, in terms of biosafety and biosecurity. We work through all our actions and activities of information, awareness and training to achieve this vision. We believe that our vision is one that the people of Mali and the region can support.
MABB Vision is: "Safety and Biosecurity for All in Mali and West Africa"

In order to work towards the realization of our vision, we have developed a mission statement - This statement is the starting point of the journey to achieve our mission. This mission is to promote biosecurity in Mali and in the region.
It is based on three main axes: Support the development and implementation of relevant policies, standards and procedures
Collaborate with government departments and agencies, local and international partners (civil society organizations and other stakeholders)
Raise awareness among citizens and other stakeholders through training and awareness campaigns. 


The Malian Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity (MABB) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2011 to promote and improve biosecurity knowledge and practices across Mali and West Africa. Our organization is registered under the National Law governing the non-profit associations No.04-038 of Mali. Article 6 of their constitution defines their broad mandate and objectives.
The governance structure of MABB consists of an elected board of directors (Board of Directors), which has fifteen (15) members headed by a chairman. The duties of this board and each member of the board of directors are described in the MABB Articles and Rules of Procedure.
from 2011 to now the members of our association have benefited from trainings on: Financial and administrative management of an organization (PMDC, IFBA financed by BEP)
Training of trainers in biological risk
Trainer training on the transport of dangerous substances International Certification Training on Biological Risk Management.  

Our achievements

With the support of our technical and financial partners, we mobilized one hundred and fifty active members across Mali. We have contributed to the training and sensitization of hundreds of people in biosafety and biosurety through sanitary structures and medical laboratories.
We participated in the development of national reference documents on biosafety and biosecurity on training in biohazard management, transport of dangerous samples ...


The AMBIOS association has been involved in the implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) project activities in partnership with CRS (Catholic Relief Service) and Fondation Mérieux, Mali Health, and the Government of Mali. And since October 2016, AMBIOS has received funding from the Canadian Government's Global Partnership Program (GPP) to strengthen Mali's national biosafety and biosecurity system. And many other training activities with BEP through sandia international laboratories.

Prof. Mamadou Souncalo Traoré PI-GHSA - Bamako, Mali

Our core values

To achieve our mission as a whole, MABB focuses these actions around five core values. These values are based on the volunteerism of our member members, the executive board of our staff, and the partners, who must be guided by the fundamental principles and beliefs we cherish as an organization.
1. Efficiency - We will strive to use the resources we have in the most optimal way to achieve the maximum benefit for our target beneficiaries
2. We embrace team spirit among them as a key member of the association and we appreciate the contribution of each member. Our success will be as a result of our teamwork
3. Availability-Each member serves the common results
4. Impartiality - We will treat all our members and partners fairly and equally.
5. Altruism - sympathy between members

Our services
AMBIOS is able to provide expertise in the following areas:
We provide biosecurity and biosecurity support advisory services.
We provide training in biological risk management
We provide evaluation services and characterization of the biological risks of the sites,
We provide advisory support services for the development of biological risk policy documents.

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